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The golfers in Nuuk Golf Club play on natural, green grass. The course has a total length of 4218 meters from the yellow tee and 3580 meters from the red tee. Despite the short length, one should not expect an easy round unless you play on a windless day.


The course is a par 33 and consists of four par 3 holes, four par 4 holes and one par 5 hole. The difficulty levels - course ratings and slopes for 18 holes are:
Male - Yellow tee  CR 67.1 Slope 118
Male - Red tee CR 63.7 Slope110
Female - Yellow tee  CR 72,1 Slope 127 

Female - Red tee CR 68.0 Slope 118

Preben Hilfling founded Nuuk Golf Club in 1992 and the members played on simulators in the basement of Hotel Hans Egede. Since its foundation, the club has been working on the idea of building a golf course. Construction work on a 9-hole course began in 1997 after sketches by Preben Hilfling. The construction budget was DKK 4.3 million. The BANK of Greenland granted a loan of DKK 4 million. DKK, which has been repaid today. The then Nuuk Municipality provided a subsidy of DKK 250,000.


Mogens Øgaard Larsen, the owner of the local construction company Larsen & Co., also played golf and therefore took on the construction work with great enthusiasm. He imported soil from Denmark for greens and rolling grass from Iceland for fairways. 2000 cubic meters of topsoil were purchased in Denmark and sailed to Nuuk in 20 containers, while 45,000 square meters of specially cultivated fairway rolling grass, in plates of one square meter, were bought and sailed in from Iceland. The first four holes were completed in 1999 and the remaining five in the year 2000. Previously, the club bought greenkeepers from Denmark for course preparation every spring. Today we take care of the course with our own greenkeepers.


It is difficult to find a suitable, just fairly flat area for a golf course in Nuuk, so it was in itself an achievement to build a 9-hole golf course on such a small area, which is truly the case. You actually play between the rocks on some small fairway oases, which in two cases are used by two different holes, the 2nd and 9th holes and the 5th and 6th holes, respectively. There are many narrow fairways and many blind strokes one is exposed to. It often happens that one's ball plays ping pong on the rocky ground if the shot does not hit the fairway. There are no trees or shrubs on the course that can be used as reference points. It is therefore important to play strategically and thus keep the ball in play on the fairway. 


The clubhouse and the building itself were designed by civil engineer Arne Michaelsen. The building is one of the first modular buildings made in Nuuk, where the elements were manufactured at Nuuk Shipyard and built by the construction company CG Jensen Grønland A / S. In a container we have golf bags with clubs for rent for outsiders. The club has training nets and putting green next to the clubhouse parking lot. 


Indoors we have 2 trackman simulators where you can play exotic courses from warmer skies. Here you also find a living room with sofa, tables and chairs, refrigerator and a kitchenette, toilet, office, cupboards as well as barbecue facilities and garden furniture. Furthermore, there is a small pro shop for the purchase of golf equipment or souveniers. 

Club Champion - Ladies

  • 2000 Margit Nielsen

  • 2001 Nina Bihl

  • 2002 Kirsten Østergaard

  • 2003 Kirsten Østergaard

  • 2004 Ulla Fisker

  • 2005 Kirsten Østergaard

  • 2006 Anni Damgaard

  • 2007 Elisabeth Staun

  • 2008 Anni Damgaard

  • 2009 Anni Damgaard

  • 2010 Anni Damgaard

  • 2011 Anni Damgaard

  • 2012 Anni Damgaard

  • 2013 Anni Damgaard

  • 2014 Kirsten Østergaard

  • 2015 Bodil Hilmer

  • 2016 Anni Damgaard

  • 2017 Susanne Bisgaard Rasmussen

  • 2018 Susanne Bisgaard Rasmussen

  • 2019 Susanne Bisgaard Rasmussen

  • 2020 Susanne Bisgaard Rasmussen

  • 2021 Maria Kruuse

  • 2022 Maria Kruuse

Club Champion - Men

  • 2000 Thomas Møller

  • 2001 Thomas Møller

  • 2002 Thomas Møller

  • 2003 Stephen Bihl

  • 2004 Niels Nygaard

  • 2005 Tom Stilling

  • 2006 Tom Stilling

  • 2007 Per Thomsen

  • 2008 Niels Nygaard

  • 2009 Tom Stilling

  • 2010 Albrecht Damgaard

  • 2011 Albrecht Damgaard

  • 2012 Rasmus Holm Johansen

  • 2013 Albrecht Damgaard

  • 2014 Jan Rasmussen

  • 2015 Simon Westmann

  • 2016 Simon Westmann

  • 2017 Simon Westmann

  • 2018 Simon Westmann

  • 2019 Simon Westmann

  • 2020 Simon Westmann

  • 2021 Jan Rasmussen

  • 2022 Simon Westmann

Club Champion - Juniors

  • 2000 Hans-Jacob Brandt Olsen

  • 2001 Dennis Lorentzen

  • 2002 Hans-Jacob Brandt Olsen

  • 2003 Dennis Lorentzen

  • 2005 Dennis Lorentzen

  • 2009 Sebastian Jensen

  • 2018 Julie Tofting Hvidkjær

  • 2019 Julie Tofting Hvidkjær

Club Champion - Indoor

  • 2019 Jan Rasmussen

  • 2022 Simon Westmann & Julie Tofting Hvidkjær

Track records

Yellow tee - Men: 70 - Christian Færgemann, practice round, 4 July 2003.
Yellow tee - Juniors: 73 - Anders Posborg, club match, 13 July 2003.
Red Tee - Ladies, 87 - Elisabeth Staun, Club Championship, 26 August 2007

Hole in One

  • 29 August 2014 - Hole 1 - Apollo Mathias Jeremiassen, practice round

  • 2 June 2019 - Hole 3 - Morten Mastrup, club match

  • 21 August 2022 - Hole 3 - Simon Westmann, club match

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